This blog is an online diary, following the preparation and installation of a commissioned cut paper artwork by Maeve Clancy for Barrington Court, a National Trust property in Somerset, UK. The work will be made and installed during a residency at the site between June 21st and July 5th 2013.

This commission is part of

‘Make the Most’ : Somerset Art Works in partnership with the National Trust at Barrington Court. Curated by Craftspace.


An exhibition that celebrates contemporary makers, skills, materials and thinking about craft in the 21st Century in the context of Somerset as a county, Barrington Court with its range of reference points relating to craft, creativity and the built environment.

The exhibition will recognise the relevance and importance of rural Somerset based raw materials suppliers and producers that enable craft practice and production. It will do this by pairing commissioned makers with suppliers to collaborate. The vision for Barrington sees it ‘recalling ancient relationships remade for the future’. In making evident the sources of raw materials as well as the ways and context in which they are used, in enabling skills to be shared and passed on, in connecting activities, production, places and people the exhibition proposition speaks directly to this aspect of the vision.

The exhibition aims to position Barrington Court as a spoke in the hub of the cultural offer in Somerset. Exploiting the valid points of connection it has with craft and enhancing its wider role within Somerset as a venue and organisation able to contribute to and collaborate with a thriving craft ecology.

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